Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Well last night it became clear that Maggie does not have an aversion to noise.  This is supported by all the yelling, gasping and cheering that was going on during Game 6 of the Stanley Cup Playoff's.   We were both delighted for the series to have come to an end, but I think Maggie was more pleased that there won't be any more hockey for the next few months. 

Monday, June 24, 2013

Maggie and I began 'puppy school' over the weekend.  Actually the term "puppy school" is a misnomer as it became clear from the onset that our first lesson was really schooling of the owner than the dog and it was I that needed the molding.  This was much to Maggie's delight as she got to sleep through just about the entire session while I tried to absorb countless factoids on shaping this 50lb. creature into my vision of a respectful member of society.  Little was I aware on how I, over the next several weeks, will need to reach deep into my imagination, adding to my training arsenal booby traps and other inventive and guileful ways for dealing with Maggie's indiscretions. Being "proactive" will be key.  As I look into her hazel brown eyes I can see she senses something is afoot.  Yes, this may take the strategy of overthrowing a small government. 
Hi Everyone....
I'd like you to meet Maggie.   She's a lab mix about 8 months old. Don't you find it amazing how quickly you can forget how much energy a puppy can have!  The "puppy bursts" are truly intriguing.  These are the moments that begin like the calm before the storm.  Then without warning this burst of energy proportionate to a nuclear bomb explodes.  I'm never quite sure what provokes the episode much less what she is so wound up about, but it overtakes her like an out of body experience.   If we could only capture that energy and bottle it......